Saturday, May 21, 2016


Our last day in Slovenia, a country we have all agreed on that has far exceeded our expectations. It has been great fun, but didn't start out that way as just after crossing the border from Croatia, our passports were handed over then handed straight back and we were in Slovenia. It must be Kiwi Passports as other cars had taken much longer. Anyway in we were and soon buzzing along the highway when there was a Police roadblock. We, amongst many other cars were signaled to pull into a parking spot and a young lady from, I think, the transport ministry came to us and explained how we were liable to a 800 to 1000 euro fine for who knows what crazy offence we had committed. I was instructed to accompany her and to bring my passport and car's papers with me as another officer photographed our getaway car. It transpires that one must purchase a sticker, a form of road tax, from a petrol station before crossing the boarder and this means you don't pay tolls on the motorways as you do in most other countries. I pleaded my ignorance, which was truthful, and liberally praised her country, which was a bit premature, but to no avail. We were still fined 130 euros, the minimum for this offence, for which we got a green sticker for our windscreen that would last us for 5 days. The officiating officer even came back to the car with me to proudly affix said sticker to my windscreen. I must say it is a pleasure not to be paying tolls several time a day but at what price?
Today though we have swapped water activities for sub terrestrial ones with a spot of Speleology in a fantastic cave at Postojna. This cave goes for some 24 km and is toured by way of a small railway system and then shanks's pony for 1.5 km. A great day out and quite amazing, I have been to other caves but this one was quite different because of it's sheer size and the efficiency of moving so many people through it.

Postajna Cave System Slovenia

Travelling on another 10 km or so brought us to the Predjama Castle, described as amongst the 10 most spectacular in Europe, well I guess it is the eye of the beholder, but it was pretty neat all the same.

Yogi Bear and Booboo

Predjama Castle ( the Lord and Lady)

A couple of Beauties we came across on our way to the castle.

The day was rounded of bu a quick flick into Trieste, Italy, then finally onto Piran, back in Slovenia, where we have overnighted A lovely town and to treat ourselves a lovely hotel, the Barbara.

The view from our window at the Barbara

Not all Beaches are lovely, and maybe some people shouldn't wear bikinis, just saying like.

A bit of rock art on Piran Beach

And so here we are for another night and very content with ourselves as I hope you all are as well.

Take care with whatever you are doing, all the best



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