Friday, May 20, 2016

And So Forth

Our journey continues, but in a slightly modified way. We have found that, in general, the roads in Montenegro and Serbia to be so bad that progress is at times quite slow. It was then that our tour of Serbia turned into a half day affair and we decided to concentrate on the more developed Croatia. Not to be missed though were a couple of gems in Bosnia Herzegovina starting  in Sarajevo, a city we all became familiar with during the Bosnian war. It was here though that the beginnings of WW1 took place in 1914 when Archduke Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated on the Latin Bridge which turned out to be right outside our Hotel, the Latinski. Today though the main attraction seems to be the Grand Bazaar which has been running for some 500 years.

                   Murray and Jill enjoying the Grand Bazaar in Sarajevo.

Next on the list was Mostar, a town whose claim to fame is a bridge destroyed in the war but rebuilt by the UN and still a hot tourist spot. Last time we were here I was fortunate enough to capture one of the bridge divers with my camera, this time a diver but missed him.

The World Heritage Mostar Bridge.

One of the features for me has been the amazing water based sights that are in this area.

The River Here Just Emerges From The Cliff

Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice National Park consists of six interconnected lakes with waterfalls between, in fact the ground must be absolutely saturated as there are waterfalls everywhere you look. You can walk the entire park or use the various forms of transport provided, we chose a combination of both.
Today we were treated to a white water river at Vintgar Gorge. This would be challenging to most kayakers, impossible for me, but great fun for those who are able.

Going Down The Vintgar Gorge.

They have built a walkway alongside the river by hacking out the rocky cliff and building a wooden walkway.

Mrs Currin on The Walkway at Cave Cr..opps Vintgar Gorge.

Another great stopover today was at Bled where we happened upon the first day of their summer fair. Bled is very near the Austrian Border and getting into the alps so summer is a little later around here.

A Foodies Paradise in Bled

The lakeside was also a great place to enjoy lunch. I was attracted by the Sausage and Cabbage dish on offer at one stall as I have been in serious vegetable deficit for some time now, but the cabbage turned to be a sort of soup with a sausage gamely floating around in it.

Bled Lake and the Castle Overlooking it.

We are currently in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and about to go off for a Chinese Nosh so I shall post this and hopefully get some more done in the next few days. There is so much happening that it is hard to keep up.
 So long for now and keep well.


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