Monday, July 11, 2016


Today,whilst talking with our landlady we discovered that we had an extra day here in Guemene sur Skorff where we have been for the past week. This gave us the opportunity to visit an interesting town some 70 km distant and so off we went. Arrived in Josselin at about morning coffee time and were soon ordering our drinks when the chap  at the next table offered a translation service. The waiter explained that he had received and understood so his services were not needed on this occasion. Turns out he was from Birmingham and has lived over here about 14 years. We asked him what his future  in France looked like after the EU referendum. Turns out that he and a couple of million other Brits living in Europe have no idea what their future held and hoped that there would be another referendum to sort the whole mess out.
I don't think that the issues were fully explained and there will be a few regrets further down the track, there was as much anti Cameron vote as there was anti EU, a bit like our flag referendum,
This town is very interesting, medieval and attractive. Central is the Basilica with it's impressive Bell Tower with some 180 or so steps up to the top which despite my fear of heights drew me as does a magnet draw iron filings. Up I climbed, around and around on a flight of narrow stone spiral steps. Now and then I would meet someone descending the same steps and found that passing had it's own challenge. Just as I arrived at ground 180 the bells started ringing, scared the bejabbers out of me it did.

The Bell Tower Which Must Be Scaled

The View Is Worth The Effort

Great Looking Chateau Within It's Own Walls

Going down is much easier than going up so I was back with the ever patient Mrs Currin before she knew I was missing and off we went on a walking tour of the old section of town.
Below is a short tour of Josselin, you have already seen the Basilica, it's Bell Tower and the Chateau.

Mrs. Currin Enjoying A Wee Rest On The Bridge Over The Canal

Canal Boat Similar To One We Shared With The Kearneys  A Few Years Back

Someone's Back Garden

       A Street Scene From Then

                                                                          And Now

Where The Ladies Of Yesteryear Did Their Laundry

The Mill
We found it really interesting how well preserved Josselin is and thoroughly enjoyed our day there. Got lost on the way home a couple of times but that's life.

The Bunting Is Up For A Forthcoming Medieval Festival

Valerie Jean?, This is the Street in which we are currently living.

It has been a tad cooler today, only managed 22 C but no rain tank goodness. Yesterday was the only really rainy day that we have had over here in Breton which is pretty lucky as I gather it as it apparently rains here quite a bit.
 Anyway I just thought some may enjoy our day out, we certainly did.

Take care and all the best


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